About Leia

Leia created Exit Interviews in 2023 after wanting to tackle the fantastic but ever-growing pile of books that she owns.

Leia is a poet who loves to play around with words when it comes to sound, appearance, and form. She has a BA from the University of East Anglia in English Literature and Creative Writing. Leia is the founder and a head editor of Full House Literary Magazine. Her debut collection, Tear and Share, released with Broken Sleep Books in August 2021, and encourages an interactive tear-out aspect. She is a previous winner of a Streetcake experimental writing prize 2019. Her other work can be found at and in Babel Tower Notice Board, Re-side, and Streetcake. 

Poetry collections:

Thoughts I lost in the Laundry

Coming in 2024 with Stanchion.

Tear and Share

Tear and Share out with Broken Sleep Books.

Published pieces:

White with yellow and green pineapples

Poetry published in Acropolis issue 5

add a little bit of body text

Poetry published in Streetcake issue 81 part 1

Chips or salad?

Poetry published in Streetcake issue 68 part 1

Cover me

Sound piece published in Permeable Barrier


Sound piece published by Beir Bua


Sound piece published by Beir Bua


Sound piece published by Beir Bua


Poetry published in issue 6 of reside


Poetry published in issue 7 of Ice Lolly Review


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Visual pieces: